I knew it would happen by Andy Estes

I knew that I wouldn't be able to write a steady stream of content. It was a nobel aspiration, but ultimately I knew I was doomed from the beginning. Doomed I say!

However, here I sit determined to try again. Maybe at one point this will stick. Maybe it won't, but for these short bursts of time I will at least empty some ramblings here. Likely for no one or just few to read, but here all the same.  

I was speaking (well texting) with a friend a few weeks ago, and we got onto the subject of why we enjoy the things we do. I started talking about photography, why I do it, and why I take the pictures I do.  

I started snapping photos when I was about three years old. Little did I know that the camera I had was broken, and was just meant to be a toy to keep me occupied, but that really set off a life long love of snapping photos. When I was eight I only asked for a camera for my birthday, and I've had several since. Even now I have a stable of them that I take out based on where I'm going or what I'm planning to do. I get such pure enjoyment out of clicking that shutter button it's kind of absurd. What's also a bit absurd is the circle that my subjects have taken. When I was young I would shoot almost anything. A plant, our dog, a toy, my room, shelves, friends and basically whatever was right in front of me. I didn't know about rules or guidelines for taking my photos. I just wanted a picture that would help me remember everything. Later in life it became about the craft, and everything in black and white (more on that in another post). I was to shy to take portraits and so landscapes were my alternative. The hills and open fields of Eastern WA were my subjects. Occasionally we'd go to the ocean and I'd break out some color film, but it was always the land that made it into my photos. My mother would get upset with me wasting so much film on pictures that didn't have any people, but she just didn't get it. After I graduated college I started to do what I did when I was a kid, snap pictures of just about anything. It made everything so much more fun. Just point and shoot what I liked. That's evolved into a love of street photography. I'm still to shy to take portrait photos, but I love to take candid photos of people living their lives. No posing, no prep, just a click of the shutter and that moment of their lives is forever captured. Is it voyeuristic? Definitely. Could it be considered rude? Sure. Either way It's what I enjoy. Life is best remembered in the little moments. The ones that people forget. The in-between moments are what make up all our lives. Someone's got to save them right?

You have to start somewhere by Andy Estes

I have been meaning to start blogging and writing for a long time. I've started several tumblr sites but never followed through, and even though I'm on my own website now sitting here typing I may get sidetracked and not post again. Hopefully that isn't the case, and even if no one is reading I will still be putting my thoughts out here. Ready to find for any curious individual. I thought I'd start with something that has intrigued me for several years, and that is windmill farms.  

I know that's a strange first ramble, but why not. For years I've been fascinated with the windmill farms I see in Eastern Washington. They stand on the rolling hills and plains of the desert proud and tall. They are beautiful. A collection of white pillars and blades cutting into the sky and extracting energy for us to use. When I was in high school I watched an anime series called Macross Plus and it's still one of my favorites. The first episode of the series has the protagonists racing down a hill through a windmill farm and the very first shot of the series is a beautiful scene with a bank of windmills. Just before you see that shot the screens reads "Dedicated to all pioneers" and for some reason that struck a chord with me at the time and has continued to do so into my adulthood. When I first saw that I saw a future for technology, art, creation, and exploration. Since then that's been something I've chased. Marrying technology to creation. I am by no means a great artist, but I enjoy the process of making things. Of bringing ideas into the world and making them visible for people to see. You can see I've rambled on from talking about windmills, but that's what this blog will be. A rambling record of my thoughts. It will likely be infrequent, but who knows. For now enjoy this photo of the windmills I took last weekend while traveling to my cousin's wedding. One day I'd love to do a proper shoot of a windmill farm, but for now photos from the highway are the best I can do. 

April 2016 I-90 Eastern WA

April 2016 I-90 Eastern WA